Antibiotics in Poultry Cause Antibiotic Resistance

New research has found that eating poultry filled with the antibiotic virginiamycin may cause antibiotic resistance in humans. Virginiamycin is used to boost growth in poultry.

Of course, these findings are “preliminary” and “shouldn’t make anyone stop eating chicken or turkey.” By all means, keep filling up on antibiotics and synthetic hormones!

“This research makes a strong case for limiting the use of antibiotics in food-producing animals,” added Marten, the epidemiologist. “By using antibiotics for strictly therapeutic purposes (such as treating an infection), rather than as a growth promoter, we will slow the emergence of drug-resistant organisms in human populations.”

If you eat poultry, consider purchasing organic, antibiotic-free chicken and turkey. It’s more expensive, but a lot less dangerous to your health. Who wants to carve up a plate of antibiotics at Thanksgiving?

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Right. I only eat organic chicken and turkey. I’ve had enough antibiotics from doctors. No more from food!