Are Radish Leaves Edible?

radishAre radish leaves edible? Absolutely! Most people buy a bunch of radishes, remove the leaves, and throw them in the trash or compost pile. Did you know that radish leaves are not only edible but are also nutritious and delicious? In fact, the leaves are more nutritious in some ways than the radishes.

When buying a bunch of radishes in the store, don’t just look at the health of the radish roots. Look at the quality of the greens, too. Remove them from the root, wash them like you would any other green, and use them raw or cooked.

If you grow your own radishes, you don’t have to wait until radishes are mature to harvest the leaves. Young radish leaves are more tender than mature leaves. You can harvest them at any stage of growth.

Use baby radish greens in salads or as a garnish on sandwiches. More mature radish leaves can be bitter when eaten raw, so cooking is recommended unless they are very young. They are great stir-fried like Swiss chard or spinach.

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