Banana Worm Bread, Anyone?

Ode Magazine has an article in their new issue called “We should start eating insects”. While it’s true that eating insects is a normal practice in many parts of the world and that insects contain protein and other nutrients that are good for us, I don’t think I’ll be frying up a pan of worms anytime soon.

For you brave souls who’d like to try eating insects, check out the article for recipes like Banana Worm Bread (calls for 1/4 cup dry-roasted army worms – yum!), Mealworm Fried Rice, Rootworm Beetle Dip, and Ant Brood Tacos.

Judging from the comments on the article, it seems at least a few people are open-minded enough to try some of these recipes. One person said: “Where can I find insects for use as ingredients? Is this something I have to dig up in my yard, or are there markets or online stores where I can order these goodies?”

I did some Googling and found a list of places to buy edible insects online. You can buy everything from Roasted Pregnant Crickets to Cheddar Cheese-Flavored Worms to Scorpion Vodka (“this special triple distilled vodka is infused with a real farm raised Heterometrus Spinifer scorpion”).

Bon appetit!

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