Beware of the Lemon Wedge

Beware the Lemon WedgeNext time you order an iced tea at your favorite dining establishment, you might want to say “hold the lemon wedge.” What’s the problem with the wedge, you ask? This story should probably be filed under “things you wish you didn’t know” but I’m going to let you know anyway.

Microbiologist Anne LaGrange did an investigation and found all kinds of fecal organisms and bacteria from human skin and saliva. She tested 76 lemon slices from 21 restaurants. 70 percent of the slices were covered in bacteria.

It makes sense if you think about it – that lemon wedge has been handled by a lot of people before it actually makes it onto your glass. People’s hands are all over it and then you drop it into your drink and sip their germs through a straw.

LaGrange says: “I don’t need a schmear of feces with my food, I would characterize that as pretty disgusting. ”

Between the contaminated ice cubes and the lemon wedges, is it safe to drink anything in restaurants? And if you thought the lemon and lime wedges in your alcoholic beverages were safe, think again. The alcohol doesn’t get rid of the bacteria, according to experts.

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