Boffins Cooking Up Self-Timing Eggs

The enterprising folks at the
British Egg Information Service are working on the self-timing egg. The eggs will have indicators on the shells to let you know when they’re ready. Cartons will be labelled soft, medium, or hard-boiled and shoppers will buy depending on the kind of egg they want.

Using the latest heat sensitive technology, Lion Quality egg producers tasked boffins to create a foolproof way to guarantee the yolk comes out the way you want it – soft, medium or hard boiled – every time. Carrying a special label, the egg goes into your pan as normal and when it is perfectly cooked the Lion logo appears as if by magic confirming your chosen preference.

Wait, what’s a boffin??? It sounds like some kind of monkey.

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But they, that’s quite a novel concept out there. Maybe egg cooking will be a LOT easier should it happens. 🙂