Chia or Salba as a Gluten Free Flour Substitute

Chia not only works as an egg substitute, but it also works as a flour substitute, which makes it ideal for people with gluten intolerance and celiac disease or people who are limiting their wheat intake for other reasons.

I’ve seen two different methods described for using chia as a flour substitute. The first is to simply replace the flour in any recipe with equal parts chia flour or chia mixed with another gluten-free flour. The second method does not eliminate the flour altogether but reduces it by using 3 parts flour to 1 part ground chia or Salba. So, if the recipe calls for 1 cup flour you would use 3/4 cup flour and 1/4 cup chia.

To make chia flour, you can grind chia in a coffee grinder or powerful blender such as the Vitamix.

Now, what I’m wondering is what would happen if one replaced both the eggs and flour with chia in the same recipe …

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Eggs are indeed a good in gluten-free foods. For vegans, however, chia is a great alternative.

EGGS are good substitutes in gluten-free recipes. For info, go to egg board website: I receive their magazine and was interested in a recent article about eggs in gluten-free diets. People should be aware that the yolks of eggs contain choline, vitamin A, and other heart-healthy critical nutrients. The yolks are delicious and nutritious and should not be discarded. Eggs are great sources of very low-fat complete protein, are easily digested, and come in cute natural single-serving packages. They are invaluable in maintaining a healthy diet. Considering the number of food choices that lead to nutrient deficiencies (unnatural processed… Read more »

I truly hate mixing flour to get the right consistency for my gluten free recipes. I have been using chia flour that I purchased from and it works. I don’t have to mix, and find a binder. This flour is certified gluten free and I can substitute it in most flour recipes, one to one.

I have made the most amazing chocolate chip pecan cookies and brownies with this chia flour. The stuff is amazing.