Children and Pesticide Exposure

My eyes popped while reading a couple of paragraphs in an article called “Are organic fruit, veggies worth the extra cost?” in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

Children eating non-organic foods were switched for five days to an organic diet and pesticide levels were measured in their urine before and after the change. The study — published this past fall — found that some pesticides disappeared from the children’s urine after going organic.

Fenske previously published results showing that children consuming produce and juice grown using conventional farming practices had urine levels of some pesticide types that were five to seven times higher than for children with a 75 percent organic diet. (full article)

That’s quite something. Whether you think the pesticide exposure will harm your kids, doesn’t it make sense to be safe rather than sorry? These days organic produce is not that much more expensive than “regular” produce. If you can’t afford to purchase all of your food organic, even purchasing just a few of your fruits and vegetables from the organic section each week will help reduce your childrens’ pesticide exposure.

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