Collard Greens as Sandwich Wraps

Whether you’re on a raw food diet, a low carb diet, or just want to be healthier and eat more greens, raw collard greens are a great alternative to bread and tortillas.

There’s a chain of raw food restaurants in Los Angeles called Leaf Cuisine and they use collard greens as wraps. (My favorite is the Mediterranean Medley Wrap.) I hadn’t thought of using collards as healthy sandwich wraps before trying the wraps at Leaf, but it’s really a great idea.

A lot of people use Romaine leaves as wraps but collards work much better because the leaves are large and thick and hold together well. One leaf will wrap around your filling several times.

I didn’t include collard greens in my diet until recently and I bet many of you don’t, either. Collards were something I heard people talk about but they somehow never made it onto my plate. However, I think they’re catching on with more people. I’ve even noticed that my local Vons carries organic collard greens.

The health benefits of collard greens are amazing, too. So make your favorite filling, grab a leaf, and wrap up something healthy and tasty for your next lunch.

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