Dagoba Chocolate Lead Update

An update on the Dagoba chocolate lead recall: Dagoba isn’t telling consumers how much lead was in the contaminated bars and some people are understandably unhappy about it. The Oregonian newspaper (Dagoba is based in Ashland, Oregon) is reporting that Jeff Williams, chief operating officer of Dagoba Organic Chocolate “declined to say just how high the levels were.”

But Marnie Glickman is desperate to know how much lead she’s consumed. The 34-year-old Southeast Portland resident is five months pregnant and has nibbled on several of the recalled Dagoba Eclipse bars during the past couple of months.

When Glickman learned about the recall Tuesday morning she was angry. She said she called Dagoba and was told that no one would give her the lead levels, that she should call her physician if she was concerned. (The Oregonian)

Jack Bogdanski is also upset. He writes in his blog:

Perhaps a lawsuit and a subpoena would help them see the light. But in the meantime, they suggest that if you ate one of the recalled products, you see your doctor. Will they pay for that doctor visit, a test for lead, and whatever followup is needed? So far, another no-answer. For that, they refer us to their liability insurer. More on that shortly. (bojack.org)

The company really needs to be more forthcoming about the amount of lead consumed, especially if they are advising people to see their physicians. A little more openness would go a long way in allaying customers’ fears and concerns. I didn’t eat any of the affected bars, but if I had I would want all the facts, especially if I were pregnant.

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I completely understand your concern. They should be responding to customers in a more thoughtful and helpful manner. One thing that concerns me is all the people who haven’t seen this news story and who have bars of this chocolate in their cupboards. It’s not like this was headline news, so many people will never hear about it.

I am really angry now. The bars I returned (at my expense) were not on the list but who knows about the ones I already ate. If you don’t have the wrappers you have no idea if what you consumed had lead in it or not. If they won’t tell you the amount it has to be because of fear of lawsuits, plus it could be a LOT of lead. If it’s just a little bit wouldn’t it be better in the long run to tell? Customers are upset. I emailed them questions and got no answers back. Why do… Read more »