Dagoba Chocolate Recall Expanded

The Dagoba Chocolate recall saga continues: The company has added additional lots to their recall:

To be absolutely certain that we are ensuring the health and well-being of our customers, on April 7 we added additional lots and extended the date code range for some items.

They are also asking that customers return all lots of the affected bars just to be on the safe side:

Since we initiated this recall, we have been asking customers to return recalled products with all other date codes. Dagoba is committed to ensuring that our customers are satisfied and healthy and we would like to clear all Los Rios, Eclipse and Prima Materia from the store shelves and your kitchen cabinet before we replace them with our specially marked reformulated products.

They still aren’t saying how much lead was in the chocolate. I think the following blogger’s comments sum up what many people are feeling:

The mistake that Dagoba is making is that they are focusing on themselves without understanding that it’s about their customers who have eaten the recalled bars. (New Frames)

I’m hoping Dagoba will start paying more attention to the people this has affected the most. They are a small company going through a difficult and embarrassing situation, but they really need to give out more information.

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i live in ashland, or and just had a conversation with a higher up with dagoba. they told me that since lead is non-homogenous it is impossible to give levels found in the tainted bars. he also encouraged those concerned with their lead levels to get tested. it’s important to realize that there are trace levels of lead in all kinds of food we eat every day not to mention other strange stuff. another point is that dagoba did not have to release this info and did so in the outside chance that a pregnant woman might be eating insane… Read more »