Dagoba Chocolate

This weekend I tried some of the Dagoba chocolate that some of my friends have been raving about. I was in a health food store and saw a Dagoba bar called Xocolatl that contains 74% dark chocolate as well as cacao nibs and chile peppers. Being a lover of spicy food, I decided to try it. It was, to say the least, delicious. If you can find it in your health food store, it’s definitely worth a try. You could also buy it at their website, but it’s out of stock. Nonetheless, it’s worth a visit to their site to read about their products.

Update 4/3/2006: Dagoba Chocolate Recalled

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Glad to meet another Dagoba fan, Elizabeth! I’m really impressed with their chocolate. The good thing about the 87% bar is that because it’s not very sweet, it’s easier not to go overboard in eating too much. Just a couple of squares and I’m satisfied. That’s just enough to reap the health benefits.

I love Dagoba chocolate!! First read about it on Mercola’s site and have been eating the Dagoba Eclipse bar that’s 87% dark chocolate. It’s a little bitter but is supposed to be soooooooo good for you.