Dairy Free Ice Cream

With the recent heat on the west coast, I’ve been craving ice cream. We all know regular ice cream isn’t good for us, but sometimes it’s impossible to resist the cold creamy concoction beckoning from the freezer aisle of the local supermarket. We know we should resist because it’s loaded with sugar and unhealthy fats. So if we’re trying to lose weight or on a healthy diet, do we have to give up ice cream altogether?

There are several options for those of us who can’t eat dairy and those of us who simply don’t want to. There are a few good soy ice creams on the market. You can find them in any grocery store. But what about people who don’t want to eat soy? People on a (raw food diet often forgo soy, for example, and some people have a soy allergy. I don’t eat dairy products and I limit my soy intake so I’ve had to become creative.

That’s where a few kitchen tools come into play. To make your own dairy-free, soy-free ice cream you’ll probably want to have a food processor and an ice cream machine. Ice cream machines can be purchased for as little as $20 these days and the investment is well worth it if you have special dietary needs.

I’ve recently been experimenting with healthy dairy-free ice cream recipes and will be posting my recipes in this blog. Full of fresh, organic ingredients like strawberries and bananas, these ice cream recipes will make you forget all about your “real” ice cream cravings.

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This is a interesting concept for ice cream. Are there any dairy free ice cream machines?

hey there! im really excited to find someone with interesting recipes as an ice cream replacement. so first off thank you. and second off where do i go to see the recipe? im new… :S

“Ron Baker” I am also allergic to milk and I buy “so delicious” dairy free ice cream made from soy milk. I love as it tastes as good or better than regular ice cream. Search so “so delicious” on google and on the site find a store near you using the store locater. Also coconut milk is a good substitute for milk.

I am looking for an Almond Milk ice cream recipe. I would like it to be a vanila plus fruit to serve at a party. Thanks

Oat milk does do very well in recipies. It comes out much creamier than with any other milk sub. My dairy crazy family cannot even tell when a soup, or mashed potatoes is made with oat milk instead of milk. It has a bit of a funky taste in cereal but if you have an oat based cereal anyhow, it is not that noticable. Also, Soy delicious and Soy dream both make some very good soy icecreams. They also make Rice dream for those of you that are soy intolerant. Soy delicious also has a fruit sweetened only variety. These… Read more »

Please look up Aspartame in the http://www.wikipedia.org and you will be in for a Shocker, if you don’t know this already!!
It is Artificial and is a subject of public controversy due to possible health risks.

For dairy free ice cream the best available, in my opinion is Swedish Glace. I get it in my local Tesco. It tastes just like the real thing.

2C coconut milk
1C almond milk (plain or vanilla)
1-2 cups sugar (I use 2)
1 tsp vanilla extract

The more almond milk you use the less creamy. It has a slight coconut taste, you can add whatever fruit you like, it is creamy and my kids/hubby love it.
Some add lecithin granules (richer taste)

I am fructose & lactose intollerant & I am looking for
sugar free & lactose free
ice cream recipes to make with
my ice cream maker. I would
love to find a cappuccino,
maple walnut & plain vanilla
base that I can work with. I
use diabetic sugar & Xylitol
Sugar. Please send me recipes
& ideas. I would really like
to enjoy ice cream sometimes
like my family who indulges in
I wrote to the Lactaid Co.
& inquired about Sugar free
ice cream & they wrote bk &
said they would work on it.
I’m waiting! Pls. help!


Hi, I am casein and nut allergic (amongst many other things) and can’t easily get hold of non-dairy ice cream in the shops near me (in the UK), so I’m experimenting with rice milk. So far I tried the following: 1 litre of original rice milk, 3 teaspoons vanilla extract, 3 dessertspoons of clear honey and 5 egg yolks. Whisked these together over a low heat as per normal dairy icecream recipes, then cooled and froze. The flavour is fabulous, although I might use a little less honey next time as it is quite sweet. The texture is more like… Read more »