Diet Soda Linked to Heart Disease

Those of you who drink diet soda may not be avoiding the heart health risks of those who drink regular soda. A new study has found that people who drink just one diet soda per day have the same increase in risk of heart disease as those who drink regular soda.

The researchers found those who drank more than soda per day _ diet or regular _ had an increased risk of metabolic syndrome, compared to those who drank less than one soda. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of symptoms that increase the risk for heart disease including large waistlines and higher levels of blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and blood fats called triglycerides.

One interesting theory mentioned at the end of the article suggests the caramel color contained in both diet and regular sodas may increase insulin resistance. Over time, I think the dangers and risks of artificial colorings are going to be much worse than anyone has previously realized.

Study: Diet Soda Linked to Heart Risks

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Don’t leave us hanging here!

Well, don’t just be worried about the pop. Worry about the water, as well. Not only is ozonated water a bad thing, that being, depending on the concentration of ozone, but the breakdown of plastic in the water after about six months isn’t so grand either. Back to the ozone. See, the bromide in the water combining with the ozone creates bromate which is a serious carcinogenic. I could go on.

Please Jimmy, tell us what you know?

It’s true..I work at a pop/water plant and the things I have been told, well, basically, anybody I tell doesn’t believe me. I feel guilty forklifting/shipping this stuff out.