Do Bananas Cure Hangovers?

Do Bananas Cure HangoversBananas are a popular folk remedy for curing hangovers, but do they really work?

Yes. Bananas help your body recover from a hangover for several reasons.

Heavy drinking depletes the body of potassium. This draining of potassium is one of the reasons you feel so bad when you have a hangover. Bananas are high in potassium and help to replace the potassium you’ve lost.

Bananas are also high in B6, a vitamin that has been shown in studies to reduce hangover symptoms.

In addition, bananas are a natural remedy against heartburn and nausea.

Given that bananas work so well for hangovers, drinking a green smoothie with banana and lots of greens would probably be the best thing you could do for your body after a night of too much drinking.

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