Does Garlic Cause Strange Dreams and Nightmares?

The other day, a friend of mine told me that consuming garlic causes both he and his sister to have nightmares. I decided to do some Googling to see if “garlic nightmares” were a commonly experienced thing. I didn’t find much, but there were a few people who claim garlic affects their dreams.

One person mentioned a possible connection between garlic and the strange dream she’d had the night before, saying “I think I had too much garlicky pesto for lunch yesterday. Perhaps I’ve inherited the garlic/nightmares connection from my mother.”

On a forum about MSG, someone said: “I have been looking for a link between food and my having nightmares for a while now. However, I have not found MSG to be my problem but have found it to be garlic instead.”

Someone else says, “Garlic causes me to have weird dreams and lousy sleep.”

Spicy foods, chocolate, and fatty foods in general are believed to cause nightmares if consumed before bed, but garlic isn’t usually named as a food to avoid if you want sweet dreams.

Post your comments here if you have noticed a connection between garlic and nightmares. I’d love to see how many people out there believe garlic is causing not just bad breath but bad dreams, too!

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I think I get weird/disturbing dreams after eating garlic too. Add me to the list!

It was definitely the garlic. It’s 4 am and I’m traumatized thank-you everyone for the comments hopefully I can try not to make any sense out of what I just went through in my dream. Now I’ve Astro planed and I’ve learn to gain control of it instead of being fearful and being paralyzed I tell my body to just ride it out and see where it takes me. but tonight I was definitely not there it was real without being real many people I knew more than 10 I know presented themselves in my dream family friends bosses it… Read more »

Garlic does make you have weird dreams. I ate a clove in the morning and went to sleep because I was coming off the night shift and I had a horrible dream. I am curious though, because I haven’t slept peaceful in the day in a long while and when I woke I felt rested. I am now wondering if the garlic allowed me to sleep deep.

I have found when I eat garlic dominant foods (either raw, cooked, or dried form of garlic) I have a restless night at best and nightmares at worst. Salmon marinated with garlic sauce at 6:00 tasted incredible last evening but seemed to leave me with a heavy feeling until bed at 9:30. I’m now up at 4:00 after having dreams of difficult career ending conversations and end of world politics. My father avoids garlic claiming nightmares if he doesn’t. Maybe it’s an allergic reaction of some sort or an inability to process the chemical components in the spice? Too bad… Read more »

Yes it is true … and after two days only … I started getting nightmares and dreams… Il saw a baby boy was standing in front of our house. I take him inside hom and make him lie on my bed and went to the kitchen to bring some food for him. When I came back I saw blood was oozing from his mouth and he died … o gosh … and many more … like fighting with our neighborhood which generally never occurs.

I have been having shocking nightmares when I have garlic which I love. To the extent of hallucination seeing things hearing things.

I made shrimp scampi for my husband and I and had horrible dreams and woke up often with odd thoughts. It’s happened many times in my past…and garlic seems to be the culprit. Raise my internal temp (or it feels that way, leaving my guts feeling sickish). I’m 48 and realize even though I love the stuff, it is prob best to eat earlier or reduce the amounts I eat.

What you experienced is called exploding head syndrome. I have experienced it a few times in my life. It’s generally caused by sleep deprivation, but it’s a twisting experience non the less! What sounds did you hear? Mine usually sound like velcro, except at an atom bomb sound level.

I’m glad I’m not crazy! I have a restless night and nightmares after a dinner of heavy garlic (like hibachi), every single time! There are usually tons of onions in the meal as well so I’m not sure which one is causing me more problems but garlic is always involved in my bad nights.

I had a terrible last night. Had a series of Nightmares towards the morning. Happened first time to me. Was not sure whom to blame. But after few hours of googling today, I found the culprit. It was garlic from my last night’s chilli garlic prawns. So I completely agree overdose of garlic causes Nightmare.