Don’t Eat the Chicken in Detroit

If you live in the Detroit area and were thinking about going out for Chinese tonight, maybe you better have Italian instead. Frozen geese, ducks, and chickens from bird flu infected areas of China have been smuggled into the Detroit and southeast Michigan area. Authorities said people who may have already eaten the meat should be “concerned but not alarmed.” What people should be alarmed about is the fact that authorities have known about this since early June but didn’t tell people because they didn’t want to “scare” them. In other words, if you’ve had Kung Pao Chicken or Peking Duck for dinner in the last month, authorities knew it might have been contaminated but didn’t want you to worry your pretty little heads about it. It’s great to know they care.

The frozen poultry … was purchased by the owner of a warehouse in Troy, which supplies 300 Chinese restaurants and Asian grocery stories throughout southeast Michigan …

“One of the reasons we haven’t been public is because it’s the USDA’s investigation,” Deacon said, referring to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. “The delicate balance of food safety is trying to let people know about threats and risks without unduly scaring them.”

Hunt for poultry raises flu concern

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If this is what we’re going to get when bird flu hits then heaven help us!

I think these investigators had too much mercury from chinese fish in their babyfood. They chased this stuff down because it might be contaminated but did not test it? Are we to believe this?