Food Trends for 2006 – Organic Food, Chocolate, and … Kangaroo Meat?

There’s an interesting article about the top food trends for 2006. Organic food is on the list. I have noticed that supermarkets in my area, like Ralphs and Vons, are starting to carry more and more organic and natural products. The Ralphs near me has a great selection of organic produce as well as a selection of natural toiletries and grooming products. Another trend on the list is “specialty” meats like buffalo and kangaroo meat. I think that’s pretty accurate as well. A lot of people have told me they’re eating buffalo meat. I’d say more than any other specialty meat, bison/buffalo is probably growing the most in popularity. I haven’t heard of many kangaroo eaters, but maybe I’m running in the wrong circles. Another trend for 2006: dark chocolate. People are moving away from unhealthy milk chocolate and going for antioxidant-rich dark chocolate.

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