Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

cayenne.jpgCayenne pepper is one of nature’s most healing and therapeutic foods. I put it in many of my recipes not only because I love spicy food, but because of its healing and therapeutic properties.

You’ve probably heard of capsaicin. It’s the main ingredient of cayenne pepper and is used topically to treat everything from osteoarthritis to cancer.

According to the University of Maryland:

Native Americans have used cayenne (or red pepper) as both food and medicine for at least 9,000 years. The hot and spicy taste of cayenne pepper is primarily due to an ingredient known as capsaicin. Although it tastes hot, capsaicin actually stimulates a region of the brain that lowers body temperature.

Taken internally or applied topically, capsaicin is a great natural healing remedy.

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If you want to know if you have parasites… Some say everyone does have them. Some say everyone has tapeworms, particularly…

If you take cayenne pepper powder (capsules may not work as well), 1 tsp a day in apple sauce or yogurt or whatever and wait a week, you may see hard “white rice” in your stools. These are tapeworm segments. If you see those that is your first tip that you may need to do a parasite cleanse. Also a good tip that you need to keep up with the cayenne for life!

Does cayanne pepper help with
thank you

Sal- Cayenne stops the bleeding of cuts up to 3” deep…… On a more relevant note I have been consuming +- 1/8 cup of cayenne pepper in various forms a day since the age of 8 (22 now) and I never had any real health problems problems. I would consider my use of cayenne to be similar to that of a coffee drinker. On days where I miss a meal or don’t have peppers available I feel off. It brings an excitement to food and a harmless endorphine rush that can lighten anxiety. I have achieved such a high tolerance… Read more »

About 20 yrs. ago, I had a recipe that was based on cayenne pepper to restore hair. Does anyone have access to that information? I would appreciate the posting of that receipe so I can give it to my Mom.

I used to suffer from stomach ulcers and after conventional medicine failed to help me, I tried taking cayenne powder in capsules. Almost immediately soothed the pain, and within 2 weeks of taking 2 capsules 3 times a day, I was symptom-free. I stopped taking the capsules at that point, and didn’t have any trouble with ulcers until 6 years later. I started taking the cayenne again and within 3 days I felt fine, and haven’t had any ulcer problems since then. that was 3 years ago.

I’m trying cayenne on my cluster headaches as I type! I sure hope this works, or I’ll be banging my head against a wall very soon!!!!

I cut my finger pretty bad shucking oysters and cayenne pepper stopped the bleeding!

Will i loose weight with cayenne pepper,and if yes, in what dosages should i take them.

I sprinkle cayenne pepper in a glass of warm water with 2 tblspns of lemon juice, which I drink first thing upon rising in the morning. Works to detox the liver and improve overall health

I put cayenne on almost everything I eat–thus, i have great skin, stand 5’3″ and weight only 120 pounds–with no excercise.(i’m not proud of the “no excercise”).