Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

There was a great article about the health benefits of tea in yesterday’s UK Times online. Here’s an excerpt:

But it’s green tea that has recently caught our imagination. It promises to waft the drinker to Shangri-La on soothing waves of relaxation. It’s an active ingredient in my shampoo. And my moisturiser. Häagen-Dazs and Kit Kat have released special green-tea editions. As I write, a green-tea candle flickers on my desk. All low-caffeine, of course. (full article)

Indeed, green tea is not just sweeping the UK, but the entire Western world. To those in China and Japan, who have been drinking green tea for centuries and enjoying its many health benefits, we probably seem very slow on the uptake. Green tea is a healthy alternative to coffee. Starbucks offers several varieties of green tea and so do most other coffee places. So why give up your double-mocha-choca-latte for green tea? Here are just some of the known health benefits:

* In one study, green tea was shown to inhibit a type of brain tumor called medulloblastoma. (article)

* It has been shown to inhibit growth and induce regression of human prostate cancer and breast cancer in mice (article)

* It may be effective against skin cancer. (article)

* It may lower the odds of getting lung cancer (article)

* It may prevent or inhibit autoimmune diseases such as lupus. (article)

* Green tea extract may fight AIDS (article)

Convinced yet? Green tea is often said to aid in weight loss as well, though this has not been proven.

The first question people usually ask after learning about the health benefits of drinking green tea is: “How much do I need to drink?” Researchers have not agreed upon an amount, though many suggest drinking between three and five 8-oz cups per day.

So next time you’re feeling like a cup of coffee, try a cup of the green stuff instead.

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i thank green tea is the best

i love nestea green tea…it comes in a carton so it is already cold-it is a delicious way to drink green tea-throughout the day to get the benefits of this healthy drink!