Health Benefits of Noni Juice?

Everywhere I look, I see spam for Tahitian Noni Juice. People spam the comments sections of Eat This! with noni juice ads. Whenever something is marketed in such a way, I get suspicious. So I decided to do some research and see if there are any real health benefits of noni juice or if it’s all just multi-level marketing hype.

When you search Google for noni juice, a bunch of sites selling the product come up. You have to wade through those sites to get to the real info. I managed to find some real information buried among the hype.

Dr. Weil weighs in:

Despite the health claims and the enthusiastic testimonials of customers, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that Noni Juice is an effective treatment for anything at all. (

France warns consumers about the risks of noni juice:

But the French authorities, known to take a highly cautious approach to new food products, said it had very limited data on the tropical fruit’s consumption … It noted further that two recent publications had reported severe liver problems in three people after consumption of the juice. (

And in February the Los Angeles CBS affiliate investiated noni juice health claims:

They call it a miracle in a bottle. It is the Tahitian Noni juice, a fruit juice that’s taking America by storm. But is it a miracle or just hype? The so-called miracle is a prickly, stinky fruit from Polynesia. (

It looks like noni juice is a scam that we should all avoid. Whenever people promise that something can cure everything under the sun, it’s probably too good to be true. Make sure people making health claims can back up their claims with solid research. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting your money and your time.

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does anyone have success stories involving noni and lupus

I’ve been taking Noni in capsule form for about 2 weeks now. This is the ONLY diet change that I have made in 12 months. The only effect I have noticied is solid sleep and mood stabilization as a result of the sleep. Not a bad thing!

With noni trees growing wild all over the island (Taboga),it is an easy task to ferment my own juice. I keep a gallon or two brewing in the sun at all times. As far as health benefits, all I can say is “anything that tastes SO bad and smells SO strong can’t be all that bad for you”.

Has anyone noticed Dr. Dawit Mengistu’s posts? I wonder how much he’s making off this snake oil?

praise the Lord, I’m in Hawaii where I can get Noni off the tree. I am healing terrible brain injury after motorvehicl accident and fermented Noni from my terrace is only thing that has taken pain and is getting me better. I saw special on Discovery channel. wash Noni and let it dry then put in glass jar or vase, can cover with tin foil. It will make juice in glass. take at lease an ounce three times a day for serious injury. Its working for me, beyond stupid drugs doctors wanted me to take that only had side effects.
I started taking Noni Juice about 1 month ago. I suffer with IBS and since taking Noni i go to the toilet sometimes up to 3 times a day, not with diarrhea, but good big bowl movements ( tree trunks). I have never used my bowls so well! I feel clean and refreshed! My son is 20 and studies at uni. He suffered with depression. I put him on Noni and he changed. He noticed he wasn’t as tired and he even took me out to lunch last week, which he couldn’t be bothered to do before Noni. I really… Read more »

Believe it or not…….Noni juice is the REAL DEAL!!!!

The best Noni product is actually made on Kauai and its called Noni Fruit Leather. They have a noni lotion which I tried at a gift and craft expo. My son has really bad baby acne and I tried rubbing it on his face yesterday. Well today it looks a lot better. This was just within one use. It did not dissappear completely but the redness is no longer there and the bumps are not as noticeable. I am planning to buy this product because I know with continued use its guarantee to work. Also, we had a noni tree… Read more »

I just received my first bottle of Noni Juice today. I was instructed to gradually increase intake so I began with 1 oz. I hope that it can do for me what is has done for so many others. I have some serious health issues and if it can help me with some of it I will be elated. I will let you all know how it pans out for me.

This is in response to April and her sons reaction to Noni. Have you ever heard of food sensitivities or even allergic reactions? I am truely sorry you and your son were sickened by the Noni you both consumed, but it more then likely was your bodies response to it & not the Noni itself. I have a friend who responds the same way with strawberries, but you don’t hear anyone telling you it’s “poisonous snake oil”. If we all use a little common sense, we can all figure out if Noni is right for us….