Hotel Room Glasses – A Horror Story

If you’ve recently stayed in a hotel and used the glasses in the room, you will be sickened by this report (if not by the glasses themselves!) And you thought you only had to worry about what was on the bedspread …

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I was trained and the woman dried off the toliet seat and then dried the coffee pot with the same cloth .This was a 4 star hotel in Jackson Tn…a place of antiques and a very old place ..a word to the wise …The reason they hire illegals and such so they cant sue them when they catch something from the hotel quests .Its a workmans comps “doctors” dream come true .They dont Pay Illeagls …just let them die or fend medically for themselves …very sad ..

I agree, Lisa. It would’ve been nice if they had shown Non-Hispanics instead of spreading more seeds of hate into the unconscious minds of Americans.

This is disgustingly gross, to put it mildly. I hope it is just the lazy housecleaning staff and a practice not condoned by management. I’m sending the link of this video to my friends and relatives. From now on, I’m bringing my own glasses, rinsing them off and putting them in my suitcase. As for the remote control, I’m bringing a sanitizer along, also.

The remote controls are supposed to be really gross in those motel rooms, too. We’re talking semen and anything else gross you can imagine.

Rob: I don’t think them being Mexican maids has anything to do with it. The hotel managers probably told them to do that.

This is sick. I noticed the cleaners were Hispanic.