How Many Calories in Cabbage?

How Many Calories in CabbageCabbage is very low in calories and therefore a popular food among dieters. Here’s the breakdown of how many calories there are in cabbage for different portion sizes and types of cabbage.

Red Cabbage
One cup of chopped, raw, red cabbage contains 28 calories. A cup of boiled red cabbage contains 44 calories.

Green Cabbage
One cup of shredded, raw, common cabbage contains 16 calories. A cup of boiled, shredded common cabbage contains 34 calories.

Savoy Cabbage
One cup of shredded, raw Savoy cabbage contains 19 calories. One cup of boiled, shredded Savoy cabbage contains 35 calories.

Napa Cabbage
One cup of shredded, raw Napa cabbage contains 20 calories. One cup of cooked Napa cabbage contains 13 calories.

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