How Many Calories in Shrimp?

How Many Calories in ShrimpHow many calories are there in shrimp? Shrimp are one of the lowest calorie food items you can eat when prepared the right way. When I’m trying to cut calories I always make shrimp a big part of my diet.

I often hear people say that shrimp have a lot of calories and should be avoided if one is trying to lose weight. This is simply not true.

Three ounces of raw shrimp has about 80 calories. So the fat and calories in the shrimp you eat are entirely dependent on how you prepare them. Fried shrimp, of course, are high in fat and calories. The same goes for shrimp dishes that are prepared with a lot of butter such as shrimp scampi.

A great low fat lunch or dinner is a large salad topped with boiled shrimp or shrimp stir fried in water instead of oil. I do this a lot and they taste just as good as shrimp stir fried in oil.

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