How Many Calories in Wine? | Calorie Counts for Popular Types of Wine

Calories in WineThe calorie count for wine varies depending on the type of wine. White wines have a somewhat lower calorie count than reds, though the difference is not enough to make much of a difference.

You should also take into account that red wine contains resveratrol, an antioxidant that has shown in studies to promote weight loss. So even though red wine has a few more calories, the resveratrol it contains probably makes up for it.

The perception of wine as a health food when consumed in moderation is supported by research verifying the effects of antioxidants on harmful free radicals. In particular, the non flavanoid polyphenol antioxidant resveratrol has shown potential in reducing and preventing blockages in the heart as well as some anti-aging properties

Here are some calorie counts for popular types of wine (per five ounce glass):

Zinfandel: 129
Sangiovese: 126
Burgundy: 125
Petite Sirah: 125
Cabernet Sauvignon: 122
Merlot: 122
Pinot Noir: 121

Pinot Grigio: 122
Semillon: 121
Pinot Blanc: 119
Sauvignon Blanc: 119
Riesling: 118
Chenin Blanc: 118

The above numbers are from the USDA National Nutrient Database.

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