How to Clean Broccoli

How to Clean BroccoliBroccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables you can include in any meal, but whether you’re buying organic or not, broccoli needs to be cleaned well before use to get rid of any dirt or bugs. Here’s how to clean broccoli in five easy steps.

1. Prepare the broccoli by chopping off the stem and cutting it into bite sized pieces.

2. Let the broccoli pieces soak in cool water to break up any dirt that may be present. Swish the broccoli around in the water to release any particles.

3. You may consider adding a tiny bit of salt or a vegetable cleaning solution to the water to get it really clean.

4. Pull the broccoli out of the water and rinse well.

5. If the broccoli is going to be served raw rather than cooked, it is best to shake it off and allow it to dry before serving.

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