How to Freeze Asparagus

asparagusIt’s asparagus season and time to make this wonderful vegetable part of your diet. But what if you buy too much and want to freeze it? Or what if your local store has a sale on asparagus and you want to buy a lot and freeze it to use all summer? Here’s how to freeze asparagus.

First, wash the selected spears. Remove the scales from the stalks with a knife and cut off any tough ends. Cut into lengths to fit your container.

Next you’ll want to blanch the asparagus in boiling water for different lengths of time depending on the size of the spears. Small spears need to be blanched for about 2 minutes, medium spears for 3 minutes, and large spears for 4 minutes.

Take out of the water immediately and cool by placing in ice water. Once they are cool, drain and dry the spears well.

Place into freezer bags or other airtight freezer containers. A good way to place them in the container is by alternating tips and stems as you lay them on top of each other.

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