How to Take Coconut Oil – 10 Delicious Tips

How to Take Coconut OilMany people wonder how to take coconut oil. It doesn’t taste too good on its own so we need to come up with interesting and tasty ways to eat it. Here are ten delicious tips for incorporating coconut oil into your diet.

Stir Fries
Instead of olive oil or other oils, try using coconut oil in stir fries. Vegetables, tofu, and many different types of meat all taste delicious when stir fried in coconut oil.

Shrimp and coconut oil seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. Stir fried with coconut oil and Mexican seasoning yields tasty results. Use your imagination and your favorite spices. Thai flavors and spices like basil also work well.

Stir fried or baked chicken tastes delicious in coconut oil. As with the shrimp, Mexican seasoning tastes great with this combination.

Add a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil to a fruit smoothie or a green smoothie for an added nutritional bonus and a creamy texture.

Use coconut oil on bread instead of butter and toast it. You can also bake bread with coconut oil instead of butter or other oils.

Coconut oil on popcorn gives it the taste of old style movie popcorn. Since you’re using virgin coconut oil instead of partially hydrogenated coconut oil, you’re not clogging your arteries.

Stir some coconut oil into soup for a delicious flavor addition.

Make delicious, healthier versions of baked goods by substituting coconut oil for butter or oil.

Mix coconut oil with herbal tea or just mix it with hot water and lemon. Try adding cayenne pepper for an extra metabolism boost.

Deep Frying
I’m not going to advocate deep frying on a health food blog, but if you like to deep fry foods, try using coconut oil instead of other, unhealthy oils. Using coconut oil in a deep fryer can be expensive but, hey, you shouldn’t be deep frying every day anyway!

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