How to Use Fresh Turmeric Root

How to Use Fresh Turmeric RootMost people buy turmeric in powder form but you can also use fresh turmeric root in your recipes and home remedies. When working with fresh turmeric root, be aware that it stains … badly. Use gloves and make sure not to get it on anything that is easily stained like white counter tops or clothes.

You’ll want to peel the turmeric before using it. The easiest way is to rub it with the edge of a spoon but you can also use a potato peeler. Here’s how to use fresh turmeric root:

Grind It
Grind your own turmeric powder by cutting it into small pieces and put it in a coffee grinder. The smaller the pieces, the easier it will be to grind. Add a few drops of water if it won’t grind easily.

Grate It
Grate fresh turmeric into any recipe. Grated turmeric works especially well in rice dishes and will give the rice a beautiful color. Be creative on how to use grated turmeric – try it in casseroles, in soup, in ground beef, or in stir fries.

Chop It
You can chop it into slivers and use it in salads, slaw, or stir fries.

Juice It
Fresh turmeric root can be juiced just like ginger. Use the juice alone in soups, salad dressing, and sauces or include it in your favorite healthy juice recipe.

Pickle It
You can pickle turmeric root. It is popular to use lemon juice and salt as the pickling ingredients.

Where to Buy Turmeric Root
It’s not as easy to find turmeric root in stores as it is to find ginger root. Your best bet in finding it is to head to your local Indian or Asian market. Whole Foods also carries it in some locations. If you can’t find it, you can order it online.

We’d love to hear about the ways you’re using fresh turmeric. Leave a comment below to share your ideas!

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I grow my own turmeric here in Costa Rica.
No one has been able to tell me how much one can have a day of FRESH, grated, turmeric.
I put it in rice and other meals but am never sure how much.
Any ideas?

How much tumeric?

I just used it for the first time. I grated it into a cabbage soup.

I use turmeric in omelets, all fish recipes from blackened to lemon peppered, soups, infuse it into pasta as it boils, tuna salad, chicken salad, salsa, beef you name it , taking into consideration the delicacy of flavors as to the strength to use. It is amazing how well it blends with the flavors it teams up with. I just love it and my once rising blood pressure has dropped in weeks to that of a teenager! Pain levels which rendered me nearly helpless almost non existent. Thank God !

I grate tumeric and ginger into my green tea.

I take turmeric, organic mango, and aloe Vera juice and put it in the bullet to blend then drink every morning and night…