How To Use Manuka Honey

How to Use Manuka HoneyManuka honey is world renowned for its ability to fight infections like MRSA, treat illness, heal wounds and protect and revitalize the skin. Here’s how to use manuka honey:

Eat it Raw
A spoonful a day helps keep the doctor away. To treat conditions like acid reflux, stomach ulcers and sore throat, 3-4 four tablespoons per day are recommended.

On Toast
Manuka honey tastes great on toast, muffins, corn bread and other types of bread. Use it as an alternative to jelly on your PB&J. Use organic peanut butter, whole grain bread and active manuka honey for tasty, healthy results.

In Tea
Manuka honey is a great accompaniment to tea. Green and white teas have incredible antioxidant abilities and taste great with manuka honey. Do not add the honey directly after the water reaches its boiling point as some of the antibacterial components may be lost. Let the tea steep and cool slightly, then add the manuka.

Alternative Sweetener
Use manuka honey instead of sugar in tea, coffee, or on whole grain cereals and in just about any recipe. Some research suggests that it is a much healthier sweetener for diabetics than regular cane sugar.

In Yogurt
Turn plain yogurt into delicious manuka honey yogurt by adding just a couple of teaspoons. It also works great in strawberry, peach and other types of fruit yogurt.

In Juice
Add manuka honey to your morning glass of orange juice or grapefruit juice to enhance the taste and nutritional benefits.

Honey is a great ingredient in smoothies. Use active manuka honey for maximum nutritional benefits.

Honey BBQ Sauce
Many BBQ sauce recipes call for honey. Use manuka honey and reap the benefits (and deliciousness!).

Salad Dressing
Many different salad dressings can be made with manuka honey. Honey mustard dressing is a simple, easy to make and delicious on just about any type of salad.

On Your Skin
Apply manuka honey to your skin whenever you have a cut, wound, burn, or skin infection. The antibacterial and healing properties of manuka will help in the healing process.

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