Is Vitamin C an Antioxidant?

Is Vitamin C An AntioxidantMost people have heard of the nutrient “vitamin C” and they know that it is a vitamin that they should be getting on a regular basis. However, one question that is commonly asked is, “Is vitamin C an antioxidant?” The simple answer to this question is yes, vitamin C is an antioxidant. Here’s why vitamin C and other antioxidants are so important for your health.

Antioxidants and Health
It is important to get antioxidants, such as vitamin C, on a regular basis, because these nutrients help your body to avoid specific diseases such as cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, and strokes. When antioxidants are present in the body, they can effectively get rid of free radicals that may be present. Free radicals are harmful because they can damage cells and lead to disease and illness. But, antioxidants will reduce the number of free radicals in your body.

Collagen Production
There are numerous health benefits of antioxidants such as vitamin C. These nutrients can promote healthy skin because they encourage collagen production, they also help the body to heal and repair. Collagen is necessary for the growth and repair of blood vessels, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and skin.

Antioxidants and Aging
One of the main benefits of consuming antioxidants such as vitamin C is the fact that they help to reduce the aging process. Vitamin C may help you to prevent wrinkles from forming, and slow down the overall aging process of your body.

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