Kitchen Gadget Stocking Stuffer Ideas Under $20

If you’re celebrating Christmas next month and could use a few suggestions on how to make those special people in your life smile over the goodie-stuffed red sock hanging on the mantle or need some small, affordable gift ideas for friends and family, here are some kitchen gadget stocking stuffer ideas under $20.

1. Aerolatte Milk Frother

For the coffee lover on you gift list, the Aerolatte Milk Frother makes that perfect “coffee shop style” cup without spending hundreds on an expensive machine

Aerolatte Milk FrotherThere have been a number of recent studies which seem to suggest that a moderate amount of coffee can actually be good for you. Of course, making coffee at home will always be better for you than coffee from a shop because you can use fresh, high quality ingredients with no preservatives or artificial additives. There are many mini frothers on the market but we have found them to have an almost disposable life span because of poor quality. This little whipper snapper has a 5 year warrenty.

2. Harold Import Company Avo Saver

avocado saverFor the avocado lover on your gift list, the Harold Import Company Avo Saver will keep that leftover avocado fresh and ready for tomorrow instead of being an expensive addition to your compost pile. It works by reducing the avocado’s exposure to air, which is responsible for the browning that occurs to leftover avocado.

Holiday party tip: an avocado pit pitched into a bowl of fresh guacamole will help keep the mixture nice and green.

3. Amco Rub Away Bar

Amco Rub Away BarWhen your loved one sticks his or her hand into their stocking and feels this item, they will surely convince your friends and family that you’ve finally followed through on the age old holiday warning to give a lump of coal to the naughty. Imagine how pleased (and confused) they will be when they take out the Amco Rub Away Bar. According to the company, Amazon reviews, and my aunt , it really works to remove kitchen odors like garlic and fish from your hands. Some people swear it works on armpit odor, too.

wusthof five blade herb shears4. Wusthof Five Blade Herb Shears

If the person on your list loves to cook and uses lots of herbs, then you might want to stuff a Wusthof Five Blade Herb Shears in their stocking this year. (Just make sure it’s pointy side down!)

The Wusthof Five Blade Herb Shears are ultra-sharp, German engineered that have five blades for chopping and mincing herbs right into your recipes without using a cutting board or knife.

5.Trudeau Pot Clip Spoon Rest

trudeau pot clip spoon restThink your gadget loving cooking enthusiast friend or family member has everything? Check their drawers for the Trudeau Pot Clip Spoon Rest. If your Christmas cook is lacking a spoon rest then you may want to click the link and stuff their stocking with this thoughtful mess saving kitchen doo-dad.

It clips onto the edge of pots for a convenient place to put cooking utensils during cooking. It’s dishwasher safe, heat resistant up to 600 degrees F, and comes in several different colors to match any kitchen decor.

6. Kitchen Art Scrap Trap

kitchen art scrap trapIf you and yours are as messy in the kitchen as the rest of us then the Kitchen Art Scrap Trap might be a perfect stocking stuffer and the lucky owner of this handy helper will think of you with every quick cleanup.

It’s a scrap bowl that fits over a drawer or under the counter and holds 2 quarts of scraps. It also includes a brush that makes it easy to brush scraps into it from the counter.

7. KitchenArt 32000 Gourmet ButterMate

kitchenart gourmet buttermateButter is a culinary staple that is found in most kitchens but boy can it be messy. The KitchenArt 32000 Gourmet ButterMate will help your gift recipient efficiently keep, measure and dole out butter with complete ease. Holiday cookies and everyday toast will be just a little bit easier because you are a savvy stocking stuffer!

It measures and dispenses butter from a tiny sliver to 8 tablespoons and stores conveniently in the door of the refrigerator. Just adjust it to how much you want to dispense and it does it for you and even has a conversion to cup measurements.

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