Lactose Intolerance Warnings on Milk?

Okay, I’m not a fan of milk and don’t consume any dairy products but I think this is ridiculous:

Milk isn’t for everyone, according to a new lawsuit demanding that each and every carton sold in Washington carry a warning label for people who are unable to tolerate it.

Filed yesterday in D.C. Superior Court by an organization that promotes vegetarian diets, the suit charges that Giant, Safeway and other milk retailers have failed to warn lactose-intolerant consumers of the risks of drinking milk. (Washington Post)

That’s right, because people who are lactose intolerant need labels to tell them that they shouldn’t drink milk! Isn’t the message here that Americans are so dumb they need everything labelled for them like children?

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Many people don’t know they’re lactose intolerant-it’s not like they die when they drink it, they get stomach cramps and the runs and they never realize why. Milk ads decieve colored races (all races except whites have more than 50% of their population lactose intolerant)by making it seem like they need it to survive when the fact remains that milk would not be beneficial to them.

I would like to know if dairy products are bad for the liver?

Can someone help me.

thank you

This just insults my intelligence as a consumer.