McDonald’s Fries May Contain Wheat and Dairy

It hasn’t been a good month for McDonald’s fries. First they were found to have more trans fats than previously believed. Now the company is being sued because the fries are alleged to contain wheat and dairy products. People with celiac disease cannot eat any wheat products. Even the smallest amount can make them sick. Given that many people avoid dairy for ethical and health reasons, it is something about which consumers should have been informed.

The following quote drew my attention:

A professor at the University of Nebraska, Steven Taylor, who recently tested McDonald’s fries for allergens at the company’s request and is named in Mr. Daly’s statement, said the fries were safe even for those with celiac disease.

“They started with a wheat-based material many steps back from McDonald’s french fries,” Mr. Taylor said. “There isn’t any left at the end, nothing detectable.”

I don’t know about you, but what he is talking about sounds like some kind of science project, not food. A wheat-based material many steps back from McDonald’s fries? Sounds McGross.

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I am not here to give McDonald’s a break today, but if you are concerned about your diet in any way, then why are you going to McDonald’s?

Think about it.