Tart Cherry Juice Health Claims vs. the FDA

tart cherry juiceIn a previous post I wrote about the health benefits of cherry juice. It is especially good for those suffering from gout and arthritis. My post mentions the fact that the Arthritis Foundation says cherry juice may be beneficial and that several studies have shown cherry juice may indeed be beneficial when it comes to joint pain and inflammation.

So why has the FDA ordered 29 companies selling cherry products to stop making unproven health claims about cherry juice?

“We have the government telling people to eat more fruits and vegetables, and we have the U.S. Department of Agriculture funding some of these fruit studies, and now we have another arm of the federal government that says you can’t use the research,” said Bob Underwood, whose Traverse City company sells capsules containing cherry and blueberry paste.

Given that cherries are harmless and there is research backing up the health claims, this seems very silly. The FDA seems to let a lot of harmful drugs slip through the cracks and into consumers’ mouths, but they won’t let companies make health claims about cherries? Heaven forbid anyone should find relief from something that doesn’t have 500 side effects.

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All I have to say about that is…Follow the money trail