The Benefits of Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

coconutCoconut oil is an edible oil extracted from the kernel of mature coconuts. Although some health officials recommend against consuming too much due to its high level of saturated fat, it is none-the-less quickly becoming noted for its potential to support weight loss. Many studies already support this claim and though more scientific research is needed to prove the effectiveness of coconut oil on weight loss, a lot of anecdotal evidence suggest that it works great.

Virgin or unrefined coconut oil is considered to have the most far-reaching benefits on weight loss. However, it is a good idea to slowly introduce it to your body if consuming coconut oil for the first time, or consult a qualified health professional.

Here are a few reasons coconut oil may be a great tool for weight loss:

Healthy Fat
Though coconut oil is about 90% saturated fat, nearly 50% of this fat content is lauric acid, a rare compound that actually has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties in the body. Coconut oil may prove that not all saturated fats are unhealthy.

Burns Fat
Most types of vegetable oils are comprised of long-chain fatty acids, which are difficult to digest and therefore simply stored by the body as fat. However, coconut oil is almost entirely made of medium-chain fatty acids, which are easily digested and converted into energy, actually stimulating fat burning as opposed to storing fat.

Stimulates The Metabolism
Medium-chain fatty acids are believed to stimulate the metabolism. One study found that participants who consumed these healthy fats saw an increase in metabolism by an average of 48%. Another study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that replacing long-chain fatty acids with medium-chain fatty acids could help to induce weight loss.

Slows Digestion
Coconut oil may help to slow digestion, which leaves you feeling fuller after meals. Many individuals have also reported a decrease in excessive snacking as a result of consuming coconut oil.

If you’re ready to try coconut oil for weight loss, one of the best ones you can buy is Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

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