The Benefits of Juicing

Hi everyone! My name is Rob Armstrong and, as Tracy mentioned, I’ll be making a series of posts on juicing for Eat This! I am very passionate about juicing. I have been juicing for over a decade and have learned a lot in the process. I first became interested in juicing when I became a vegetarian. It seemed obvious to me that juicing was the easiest and most painless way to start getting more vital plant nutrition into my daily diet. I believe that drinking the juices from fresh organic produce has helped my health in many ways.

I started out much like everyone does, juicing lots of carrots, apples and celery. Though a tasty combo, juices with predominately large amounts of carrots or fruit contain too much sugar for daily consumption. I believe one should focus primarily on green juices with smaller amounts of high sugar produce. An example of ingredients for a green juice would be cucumber, kale, celery, romaine lettuce, with small amounts of parsley or spinach as they are not healthy in large amounts. I sometimes add one carrot or apple for sweetness. I will touch more on green juices in a future post and share some of my favorite juicing and smoothie recipes. I will also write about the pros and cons of each juicer depending on personal lifestyle and juicing needs. I look forward to connecting with you and sharing my juicy experiences.

Until then, I raise my glass of green juice and toast to your good health and happiness!

Editor’s Note: To read and post reviews of juicers, visit our juicer reviews page.

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I am new to juicing and found you via search engine. I am looking to get all the info and recipes that I can.


I found you trough technorati.I’m a vegan from Turkey and I’m trying to increase my raw intake. Thanks for sharing this.

I look forward to your juicing information! I especially look forward to recipes and your thoughts on the Breville juicer. Mind you I just got one at the end of last year so I’ll have it for a while. I’d especially love to hear about your experiences with the effects of different veggie/fruit combinations in juicing! -Ij