The Dairy Industry Wants To Control Your Nose

If there was any doubt remaining that the dairy industry is completely unethical and corrupt, that has flown out the window now.

The dairy industry almost got away with subliminal advertising on unsuspecting bus riders in San Francisco. Thankfully, the city stepped in and stopped the ads. The ads were to give off the scent of baked cookies in order to “make passengers thirsty for milk.”

The campaign used scent-infused adhesives affixed under bus benches and inside the shelters.

This is the future of advertising and we as consumers have to speak out and refuse to be manipulated. It’s one thing to advertise your product on television or in a magazine. It’s another thing to subliminally manipulate people’s senses when all they’re trying to do is catch a bus.

Is it really necessary to go to such lengths to “make passengers thirsty for milk”? Our culture is already milk-saturated as it is. It isn’t enough that everyone wear a milk mustache. They won’t stop until our blood runs milky white.


San Francisco says no to cookie aroma at bus stops

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