The Stinking Rose: Garlic

Being part Italian, I’ve grown up loving garlic. And really, what’s not to love? Not only does it make almost any dish taste better (ever had garlic ice cream?), but it’s also incredibly healthy. A person who doesn’t like garlic is sort of like a person who doesn’t like chocolate: a freak of nature. Just kidding!

There’s an enjoyable article about garlic in the Eugene, Oregon Register-Guard. It includes a lot of recipes and some other interesting information:

Once called the “stinking rose” and shunned by the higher classes as food suitable only for peasants – and only the most vulgar ones at that – garlic since has triumphed, taking its place as one of the most indispensable flavors in many kitchens.

There’s another interesting article on garlic in The Globe and Mail. Apparently the French are consuming less garlic:

… addiction to garlic is in rapid decline; while 65 per cent of households were regular buyers in 2000, their number fell to just 58 per cent last year, and if the trend continues, only a minority of French families will include a bulb in their shopping basket.

Also, apparently the French garlic growers are irked by the influx of cheap Chinese garlic on the French market:

China’s grip on the garlic trade is indeed astonishing — farmers in the People’s Republic grow one million tonnes, a quarter of the bulbs produced worldwide in a year while France manages only 30,000.

Can’t we all just get along, stinky breath and all?

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