Thyme Tea to Treat Colds and Flu

Thyme tea is a popular home remedy for colds and flus. Drinking thyme tea may help you fight infection, clear your upper respiratory system of mucus, and calm your cough.

In addition to being good for colds and flus, thyme tea is said to help digestion, freshen breath, and lift one’s spirits.

You can purchase thyme tea at the health food store, but all you need to make it at home is some dried thyme and boiling water. Just add a teaspoon of thyme for every cup of boiling water.

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Interesting how people are using this comments section to advertise their interests…

Mine are tried and tested, from a German kitchen, circa 1940’s!

1 cup of chicken stock in around 300-500ml of filtered boiled water (you can also use an organic chicken or veg stock cube) and 1 or more crushed cloves of garlic, leave to infuse for 10-15mins, and enjoy a mug of mother nature’s antibiotic. Cures me every time I have a stinking cold, chest, head or full body.

Love this blog. I’m a firm believer that food is the most powerful medicine on the planet and that Chefs can be the physicians of the future.
I lost 100 artery detonating pounds. Feeling great.
I write a column for 30 markets on the virtues of a whole foods diet and the deception of large food conglomerates. Save the children.

Peace, Love, and Understanding