Types of Tangerines | Tangerine Varieties

Tangerines are a variety of the Mandarin orange. The many different types of Mandarin oranges are often mistaken for each other. Other varieties in the Mandarin family include tangelos, clementines, and Satsumas.

There are several types of tangerines in wide production today.

The Fairchild variety is a cross between a clementine and a tangelo. The skin color is deep orange.

The Honey (formerly called Murcott) variety is a cross between a tangerine and an orange. The skin color ranges from yellow to orange.

The Sunburst variety has a deep reddish orange skin color and, unlike many tangerine varieties, has a smooth skin.

The Robinson variety has a deep orange skin color and is very sweet.

The Fallglo variety is larger than other tangerines and is deep orange in color.

The Dancy variety (often referred to as the kid glove orange or the zipper skin tangerine) is one of the oldest and was at one time one of the most popular types of tangerine. It originated in 1867 in Florida. It is no longer widely produced, in part because it is highly susceptible to disease.

Whichever type of tangerine you choose, you’ll be reaping the incredible health benefits of this delicious fruit.

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