Vitamin C During Pregnancy

Vitamin C During PregnancyDuring pregnancy, it is important to get enough vitamins and minerals in order to provide the growing baby with the nutrition and resources that are needed. If there are not enough vitamins available for the baby, it may result in developmental problems and birth defects. Vitamin C during pregnancy is especially important, because it affects the mother and baby in so many ways.

Frederick R. Klenner researched the effects of vitamin C on pregnancy and infants, and he found that there were virtually no complications when pregnant women were treated with higher doses of vitamin C. In fact, it was found that the new babies were often among the healthiest of the babies that were born at the hospital.

Immune System
In order to stay healthy, a mother’s immune system needs to be strong to fight off disease and illness. Higher amounts of vitamin C can help to strengthen the immune system, which will in turn protect both the mother and baby from bacterial and viral infections.

Asthma and Vitamin C
A study done by the Department of Environmental and Occupational Medicine at the University of Aberdeen found that lower levels of vitamin C consumption during pregnancy may result in a higher risk of the baby developing asthma.

Tissue and Cell Repair
Vitamin C supports collagen production in the fetus, which means that vitamin C is necessary for the growth and development of skin, bones, tendons, and cartilage.

Mental Development
Certain antioxidants, such as vitamin C, may affect the mental development of a growing baby. If you want to protect your baby from mental disabilities, be sure that you get enough vitamin C during pregnancy

As with any supplement, it is important that expectant mothers are careful about dosages. It is a good idea to consult with your doctor first before taking any supplements, because some research has found that vitamin C in doses that are too high can actually result in miscarriage or early delivery.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
A 2009 study published in the journal “Reproductive Toxicology” found that vitamin C prevented damage to embryos exposed to alcohol in the womb. After exposing cells to alcohol and then treating them with vitamin C, they found that alcohol-exposed cells that were treated with vitamin C remained as viable as those in the control group.

If you’re thinking about taking vitamin C during pregnancy, read 5 Best Vitamin C Supplements before you buy to make sure you’re not getting synthetic vitamin C from China.

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