Vitamin C for Acne

Vitamin C for AcneBased on positive research on vitamin c for acne, some medical professionals suggest vitamin C as an option that may help to prevent or treat acne. Try using vitamin C both internally and externally and see how it works for you.

Acne Scarring and Vitamin C
A study completed in Japan found that many individuals were able to reduce the appearance of their acne scars by using a treatment that included derivatives of vitamin C in skin cream. Because of this research study, you may consider using skin treatments that use vitamin C to reduce the appearance of acne.

Antioxidants and Skin Care
It is widely known that antioxidants can be beneficial for the skin, but most people don’t know that vitamin C is actually an antioxidant that can heal and repair skin. Eating foods that are high in antioxidants, including vitamin C, can improve the appearance of your skin and help you to avoid acne, wrinkles and make the skin look more youthful and beautiful.

vitamin c for acneCollagen Production
Higher levels of vitamin C consumption have been linked with higher levels of collagen production within the body. This collagen production may be beneficial in the reduction of acne and the healing of acne scars because collagen is useful in healing and repairing skin that has been damaged.

Internal and External Healing
Most people approach their skin care treatment with external creams and products that they apply directly to the affected area. However, it can also be very beneficial to treat your acne from the inside as well. Remember that acne is a result of the body trying to get rid of toxins and eating vitamin C as well as other healthy foods can help your body to detox and cleanse, which may result in less acne.

If you’re thinking about taking vitamin C for acne, read 5 Best Vitamin C Supplements before you buy to make sure you’re getting a whole food vitamin C and not synthetic ascorbic acid.

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