Vitamin C for Weight Loss

Vitamin C for Weight LossResearch has found a link between vitamin C consumption and weight loss. Here’s what you need to know.

Ascorbic Acid and Obesity
One study published on found a link between ascorbic acid and obesity. Researchers discovered that weight loss on the group consuming ascorbic acid on a daily basis was larger than the weight loss of the control group taking placebos. Ascorbic acid is vitamin C, so this means that increasing vitamin C consumption may help to improve weight loss results.

Fruits and Vegetables with Vitamin C
Another study completed by researchers at Arizona State University found that inadequate amounts of vitamin C may actually be linked with a hindrance in weight loss. A diet lacking in fresh fruits and vegetables, which are great natural sources of vitamin C may prevent a person from losing weight.

Exercise and Fat Burning
The same study mentioned above at ASU also discovered that one reason vitamin C and weight loss may be linked is because of the fat burning rates during exercise. It was found that people who were consuming higher amounts of vitamin C were able to burn 30% more fat during exercise.

Blood Sugar Levels
It has also been discovered that higher levels of vitamin C consumption may result in better management of blood sugar levels. Diabetics should be increasing their vitamin C consumption, and people who have not been diagnosed with diabetes should increase their vitamin C because blood sugar management prevents weight gain.

Some of these research studies have suggested that vitamin C supplements alone do not help with weight loss, but that the vitamin C needs to be combined with other weight loss efforts. When a person is already exercising and eating right, they can add vitamin C into their routine in order to ramp up the weight loss and maximize their efforts.

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