What Is Castor Oil?

what is castor oil?You’ve probably heard of castor oil but, like many people, you may not know what it is. So what is castor oil? It’s a vegetable oil is created from the castor seed, also known as a castor bean. It has a very mild smell and taste and is used in many different commercial products and is also a popular natural remedy for many different health conditions.

Pharmaceutical Uses
According to the Food and Drug Administration, castor oil is considered to be “generally recognized as safe and effective.” Sometimes this oil is included in medications that are sold as prescriptions or over the counter, including treatments for constipation, anti-inflammatories, anti-fungals, cancer chemotherapy, skin ulcer treatments, immunosuppressants, and more.

Holistic Uses
Cold pressed castor oil has long been used as a holistic treatment for many different ailments, including cuts, minor burns and sunburn, abrasions, and other skin disorders. It can also be taken internally for abdominal problems as well as muscle aches and pains. Some people also claim that castor oil will induce labor, although there are conflicting reports about the efficacy of this claim.

Commercial Food Products
Castor oil is often used in candy, chocolate, and in food additives. It also helps in the inhibition of mold in food.

Product Manufacturing
Manufacturing plants sometimes use castor oil to make perfumes, pharmaceuticals, dyes, inks, plastics, soaps, brake fluid, paint, wax, nylon, and lubricants.

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