What Is Goat Milk Good For?

What Is Goat Milk Good For?Goat milk is the most highly consumed milk in the world even though a typical goat only produces about one gallon per day (a cow produces about four times as much). It is a great alternative to cow milk because of the chemical structure of the liquid, which is very similar to the milk of a human mother.

So what is goat milk good for, besides being a great cow’s milk substitute? Here are 7 health benefits of goat milk:

Best known for its bone strengthening qualities, calcium also prevents bone loss, protects the body from cancer cells, reduces PMS symptoms and even prevents migraines.

Due to its high levels of iron, calcium and other essential minerals, goat milk is known to help prevent iron deficiency and aid in the recovery from ferropenic anaemia.

Cancer Prevention
The calcium in goat milk helps to protect cells from cancer-causing chemicals. Calcium is particularly useful in preventing colon cancer.

Weight Loss
Comparatively low in fat to cow milk, goat milk also contains high levels of protein, a much healthier alternative to carb-heavy foods. The positive influence of protein on your metabolic rate helps burn fat while improving your immune system and promoting healthy muscle fitness.

Energy Booster
The protein and riboflavin in goat milk are both great sources of energy production.

Heart Health
Goat milk is a good source of potassium, an essential mineral in maintaining healthy heart function and preventing high blood pressure.

Digestive Health
Drinking raw goat milk is easier to digest than cow milk, due in part to an actual difference in the molecular structure of the liquid. Many people who are intolerant to cow milk have no trouble digesting goat milk. However, it does contain lactose and is not an alternative for everyone.

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