When Kids Become Vegetarians

There’s a great article in the Washington Post that lets parents know there’s no reason to freak out when their kids decide to go vegetarian. Having a vegetarian in the family can make everyone in the family more health-conscious and aware of what they’re eating.

Dietitians suggest that, although many families initially find the news tough to swallow (it sure put the kibosh on many a favorite meat meal in our house), a child’s choice to be vegetarian may ultimately make eating well a family affair.

Don’t Have a Cow, Mom

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I think its fine to let kids explore all different types of diets as long as they get the nutrition they need. Nuts and seeds provide a great source of protein for vegetarians. I love pistachios and most kids do – they love eating them out of the shell. Try Yurosek Farms for some of the best pistachios you can get. My family loves them and we are Vegans.