Lung Diseases

From asthma to cystic fibrosis to lung cancer, when our lungs are affected by illness our sense of well-being is dramatically affected. Quite literally, every breath we take becomes difficult. One of the things most people take for granted, air, is suddenly cut short. Whether you suffer from lung disease yourself or you have a loved one who does, we hope you will benefit from the stories here and perhaps share your own.

Papaya is packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and potassium. It also contains beta-cryptoxanthin, an orange-red carotenoid that has been associated with reduced risk for lung cancer. In one study, subjects with the highest levels of beta-cryptoxanthin were associated with reduced risk of lung cancer. Other foods that contain beta-cryptoxanthin include red bell peppers, pumpkin, oranges, peaches, and tangerines.