January 5, 2005

Greetings from Lupie Land!

Hi! My name is Lisa and I have lupus and psoriatic arthritis. I wanted to start the health diary for two reasons. I wanted to be able to help those who are newly diagnosed as well as make things clearer to myself. I have always been a better writer than a speaker so it is easier for me to communicate with the written word.

I was and still am a normal person in mostly every aspect. I am married with two children and a cat and a dog. I work full-time in the financial industry and my husband is a truck driver.

I have always been an over active parent-I coached cheerleading for my daughters squad for three years, helped with my sons baseball team for several years and in general have at the minimum been there to cheer them on in every activity they persue.

When I first became ill, everyone said I was just overdoing things. My husband was over the road all week with his job rendering me a single parent with a full time job plus coaching cheerleading in the evenings and running to practices. I knew there was something more going on though. I went to quick care for a sore throat and left with a diagnosis of Epstein-Barr. I quickly read up on it and learned it was an auto-immune disorder that could flare up and fade away whenever it took the notion. I also learned that I was ran down and would need to cut down on the amount of activities that I did.

Posted by Lisa on January 5, 2005 7:00 AM