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August 3, 2005

Changes are a coming :)

Hi all-it has been a LONG time. I have been in the hospital with yet another flare, got out to find out I had lost my job, three days later my husband lost his, then we decided to move back to florida. So we are now in Naples, FL and it is beautiful here.

We just got here last thursday and on monday my husband found a job then yesterday I found one so now we need to accumulate some cash so we can find our own place, we are staying with his mom at her home. Sound a bit familiar? It will to regular readers who know in feb I had to stay at my fathers because of the flood. The worst part is they keep telling me stress triggers these flare-ups but I can not seem to get away from follows me like a lost puppy.

I start my new job today-seems like an easy-going enviroment so that should help, at least it wil eliminate the job-stress part.

I will update soon............

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