September 2, 2006

Finally back online

This time the long dry spell was not laziness on my part-it was a lack of internet access. But I am finally back on and happy to be that way.

The past several months have been incredibly stressful, hectic and traumatic. My parents have split up after 24 years of marriage. My step-father left my mother for a woman younger than me! That was a huge shock to our family and all of their friends as they both are regular church-goers and stable people. This has hurt my mother alot as well as the rest of my family. There are also suspicions of a drug addiction. I do not know-it could also be like a middle age crazy type of thing.

My husband and children are doing well. The kids went back to school August 14th and so far seem to be enjoying it quite a bit.

I have been working like a dog!! I am a manager for Family Dollar (a retail company) and I love my job but it is so hectic right now. And I now have an ulcer on my cornea of my left eye. I have been on medicated eye drops for a few days now ad I think they are finally starting to work!! This is good news since I was reading an article that said if they d not heal with the drops then they would have to do a cornea transplant operation. I have no idea how that works but it sounds scarym Other than that and the typical fevers about once or twice a week I have not been feeling too bad(knock on wood) and I am grateful for that.

Anyway, it is hard to see with my eye messed up but I did want to drop in and update in case anyone is still reading this :)

Posted by Lisa on September 2, 2006 5:16 PM


Glad you're back! You were missed!

Posted by: Elizabeth at September 3, 2006 8:15 AM

I'm happy your back. Your site always encourage me. I'll like to share a Romans 12:12 with you...Be happy in your confidence, be patient in trouble, and pray continually.

Posted by: Luppie Girl at October 9, 2006 4:18 PM